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 - A factory that manufactures engine camshafts

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2024.03.20-03.23 S11H05 AMR Auto Maintenance & RepairTianjin-China NCECTianJin

2024.04.21-04.23 CAPF China Automobile Parts FairJinan-Shandong-China Jinan West Exhibition Center

2024.05.13-05.15 APCEX Auto Parts ChinaShenyang-Liaoning-China Shenyang International Exhibition Center

2024.05.25-05.27 APCEX Auto Parts ChinaUrumqi-Xinjiang-China Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

2024.06.20-06.22 AUTO MECHANIKA Ho Chi Minh CityHoChiMinh-Vietnam Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center


      The products produced are mainly divided into four major sections,The main products are camshafts and supporting products for the main engine,All other products are designed to meet the needs of customers.


Balance Shaft

Other Shaft

      The camshaft is a component in a piston engine.
Its function is to control the opening and closing of the valve.

      A shaft equipped with an eccentric weight and rotating synchronously with the crankshaft,Utilize the reverse vibration force generated by the eccentric weight block,
Enable the engine to achieve good balance and reduce engine vibration.

      Other Shaft there are motorcycle camshafts,
The oil pump camshaft includes other shaft products in the engine.

- A Factory That Manufactures Engine Camshafts

  CNC Machining
This device adopts Taiwan's new generation control system, utilizing finite element analysis (CAE) technology, with an ultra standard column and base design,
The heavy body significantly improves the rigidity of the machine tool, and the solid bed provides more powerful support for heavy loads and ultra high speed machining.
The high-strength cast iron material, combined with heat flow balance and aging treatment, greatly improves the accuracy and metal removal ability of the machine tool,
Processing stability and surface quality. This device maximizes production efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
  CNC Grinder
This series of equipment adopts an industrial integrated CP operating computer system, equipped with Japanese Yaskawa servo drive and motor,
Realize 3-axis 2-linkage follow-up grinding with independent intellectual property rights for all cam grinding software, and have higher production capacity output.

  Heat treatment (high edge quenching)
Heat treatment is an essential processing step in camshaft production,
Helps to improve the hardness of the camshaft, increase wear resistance, tensile strength, and other properties, thereby improving its service life.
High edge quenched camshaft. Its surface hardness is 52 -58 HRC

Cam Detector
This instrument can accurately measure the comprehensive error of the engine camshaft profile,
It can automatically measure the lift error, angle error, velocity curve, and acceleration curve of each peach shape in a single card installation,
And the phase angle error between peaches, radial runout error and ellipticity error of each axis diameter, cone error of peach shaped cylindrical surface, etc,
This provides a reliable basis for the detection of camshafts.

Our company has passed the IATF16949 international quality management system certification and conducts regular audits every year.
This system is a technical specification for the international automotive industry, with a greater emphasis on defect prevention,
Reduce quality fluctuations and waste that are prone to occur in the automotive parts supply chain.
  Organizational Structure
Our company establishes corresponding departments based on marketing, research and development, production and other functions, so that each department focuses on its own functions, with detailed division of labor,
Effectively improving the operational and decision-making efficiency of enterprises to achieve stable development.

Sustainable development is a way of survival in which human beings focus on their own survival,
aim for their own continuation, and rely on synergy as a means,
The three major demands are economic prosperity, social stability, and ecological security.
The sustainable development of any industry is based on creating comprehensive economic,
social, and environmental values.


We are committed to supporting our community's society
Improving the economy and environment to achieve a sustainable future.


Worth the wait

Our abilities enable us to make the most of every opportunity.
We envision a sustainable future for our environment, personnel, suppliers, customers, and community.
Key qualities that drive us to take on environmental, social, and governance responsibilities within our company.
We have the opportunity to make a difference together, instill change, educate, and motivate.
The future of the Earth is very important to us.
Environmental sustainability needs to be something that every one of us is committed to.
What we do affects others - we need to lead by example, do better, and benefit all stakeholders.
Find a balanced solution to optimize the impact on the environment, employees, customers, and financial performance.

CNC machining, superior quality
Available range of configuration files
Grinding with new raw materials
Designed and tested profiles

We sell around the world

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